The Wines


Appellation Médoc


Optimus has aromas of mature fruits, the colo ris brilliant and very dark.
It’s the wine with celebrate special occasions.
It’s the wine of the great connoisseurs.

Soil : Soil structure: large gravel-like stones of gurnzien origins

Grape varieties : 50% Cabernet : 50% Merlot

Vinification : Harvested manually.
Maceration is pre fermentation with indigenous yeast
Fermentation with manual stirring
Further post fermentation maceration
Aged in new oak barrels
Bottled after 12 – 16 months in barrels

Production : Thin out the leaves
To preserve the life of the soil, grass is left to grow under all the vineyard
Respect of environment
The cultivation of vineyard is in pest management harvest and enjoy a manual sorting in the vineyard
Maturation of bunches of grapes by the sun
Gravelly soil accumulate the day heat, and restore it slowly at night