The Châteaux

- Château Haut Mousseau
- Château Terrefort Bellegrave
- Château Pontac Gadet

The History

The family has worked hard to make certain that each vineyard will eventually produce wines, that reveal their own character: distinguished, elegant and worthy of each château and appellation.

In the Médoc the vines are situated in the communes of Jau, Dignac and Loirac.
Here the family cutivates 11h of vine. In recent years Aurore has the responsibility for this property, investing heavily in new oak and latest technology without compromising tradition to produce two distinguished and elegant wines: Château Pontac Gadet and their top wine Optimus.

In the Côtes de Bourg, an area which has seen vines grown since Roman times and whose fame was renowned well before their neighbours across the estuary, the family tends some 33h spread among various communes which give these wines their own character and expression.

The two Châteaux Haut Mousseau and Terrefort Bellegrave, although coming from the same appellation are quite distinct as Haut Mousseau is a wine to be consumed within 5-6 years , whereas the Terrefort Bellegrave, having passed through new oak barrels for at least 12 -18 months, can be kept for much longer, depending on the vintage of course.

In each of the two appellations the Briolais family has invested their time, hard work and above all passion and the desire to share this product with their clients.